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Tagua Nuts

The Story of the Tagua Nut or “Natures Gift from the Rainforest”

Tagua nuts are a product of the ivory palm, which grows in the rainforest along the Andes and down to Ecuador. Also referred to as “vegetable ivory”, they are used as a substitute for elephant ivory (50 lbs. of tagua nuts is the equivalent of the tusks from 1 female elephant!). A sustainable resource, tagua nut harvesting provides jobs for native people in the rainforest and helps sustain local economies. Tagua nuts carve beautifully and have been used for everything from buttons to bagpipes since the 1800s. Oh, and did we mention that they make beautiful beads and jewelry? They can be dyed to produce a wide variety of lively, vibrant colors, bringing the rainforest to life and to you.

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